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Westerball 2024: Monster Artist Rally

I am so pleased to have been as an artist to participate the Westerball's Rally.

Lorikeet Lovers

Westerball is the gala and fundraiser for the Arts Council of Westerville. Last year, I was so lucky to have had my work accepted into the gallery. This year, I will be an active participant. The Monster Artist Rally is a one hour event in which guests can watch art come to life. Each artist has an hour to create a work. At the end, the paintings are sold. It is a great for the public to see how different artist work and create. For the artists, it is exposure for a great cause.

This year, I have sent my most recent piece in for a chance to have my work hung as well. I sent my Lorikeet Lovers as my entry. I should know the status early next week!

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