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Ocean Riders: Seahorses

Ocean Riders: Seahorses

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My husband took me to the Big Island of Hawaii for my 40th birthday many years ago. We visited a seahorse farm and education center called Ocean Riders. They raise seahorses as a valuable alternative to catching seahorse in the wild. Seahorses are usually taken from the ocean as individuals and sold for persoanl aquariums. Seahorses in the wild mate for life and taking one out of its enviroment tends to destroy two. Ocean Riders raises them to be sold together, allowing the wild ones to flourish.


Prints are Glicée print, high quality, archival printed by a professional fine art print shop. They are matted  in a white board with a matching back and enclosed in a cellophane envelope.


Print: 5" x 7" with an 8" x 10" mat.

Print: 8" x 10" with 11" x 14" mat.

  • PRODUCT INFO: Glicée Prints

    Glicée prints are truly fine art. Prints are on high quality stock using archival inks. 


    If there is a problem with your print quality, please let me know so I can address the problem personally, 

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