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Loom switch-up

My Precious. I mean, my AVL Folding Mechanical Dobby Loom
My Precious. I mean, my AVL Folding Mechanical Dobby Loom

I don't think of myself as a short person. Granted my feet don't reach the floor when sitting at the kitchen table. And strange bathrooms can be intimidating - will I or won't I reach and do I really want to in this restaurant?

It was after much thought, over the course of 75 yards of pre-warped yarn, I realized that my feet did not reach the treadles no matter what position the seat was in. I also noticed that the so-called breast beam was accurately named in my case. Using this loom was like trying to walk in my Mom's high heels as a kid - a bruising experience.

So with heavy heart, I consulted with my dear husband who told me if I wasn't enjoying my hobby, something was wrong and that I gave this loom all of the chances I needed to. 30 seconds later it was on Craigslist.

I was wise this time and went over to the Columbus Cultural Arts Center where Pat Bullen runs a wonderful weaving, dyeing and surface design program. I was able to test drive a bunch of different looms (most of which were too tall, none were too short and a couple were just right).

I started trolling Craigslist in the surrounding cities, Weavolution and Kbbspin for suitable looms. I found a lovely AVL Folding Dobby Loom with 16 shafts in Pittsburgh and was ready to drive the four hours but the weaving goddesses wanted to have some fun first. Just a few little obstacles. Weather, money, developing gallstones and requiring surgery THE DAY BEFORE I WAS GOING TO DRIVE AND PICK IT UP!!!!! Minor things. Add to the gallstones a bellybutton hernia (yeah, really) and you have a month of delay. Thank goodness the owners, Sandy and Bernie were patient and understanding and were willing to wait an extra four weeks to let me have their gorgeous loom.

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